Jailbroken Firestick Deal $59.99

Get a Jailbroken Firestick today! Cut your cable bill...

With our unlocked Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick or Android TV Box you can get rid of your cable bill and rental fees! Stream all of the newest movies, sports, and TV shows and only pay ONCE!

NEVER PAY MONTHLY AGAIN! (Average Cable Cost between $100-200 a month)



  • Easy Plug & Play!

    Device is Plug & Play and very easy to use. Find any movie or TV show with ease. In addition to being able to watch an unlimited amount of movies and TV shows, online radio, and podcasts are also available.

  • Jailbroken & Unlocked Firestick

    Say goodbye to Netflix, Hulu, Redbox and all the other charging companies and say hello to the future of entertainment. The Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV stick or Android TV Box makes it EASIER to watch TV effortlessly and free over your internet connection

  • Video Tutorials!

    We have HELPFUL VIDEO TUTORIALS on how to use your device to access UNLIMITED amounts of Movies, TV shows, Sports, Live TV, down to Adult Content!


    Our Jailbroken Fire TV stick Devices don't require a monthly subscription. Save on those heavy monthly cable fees!

  • Wi-fi

    Access your content on any TV with Wi-fi connectivity in any room. No need to have cable cords everywhere!


    Professional Amazon Firestick with Kodi Device giving you access to UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF MOVIES, TV SHOWS, LIVE TV, SPORTS, KIDS, ANIME, ADULT AND SO MUCH MORE!


Our Jailbroken fire stick with Kodi (more than 20+ addons) and at least 10+ standalone programs that will give you access to a large database of movies, TV shows, live tv, sports, cartoons and even adult content. 

For such a low price of $59.99, it's like paying for 2 to 3 DVDs but with access to months and months of a variety of free content!

You'll get you money back 10 folds. It's really a no brainer.  Start saving and buy one today!



What is a Jailbroken Device Or Fire TV stick?

A Jailbroken Fire TV stick or Android Jailbroken device(s) are professional installed with several third party programs, which gives you access to unlimited amounts of movies, tv shows, live TV, sports, music, kids, down to even adult content. You'll never ever have to pay for monthly fees. These programs allow you to access content for free. Some examples below of what you could do!

+ Stream almost any movie and TV show with all past seasons anytime you want. Open one of our programs, select title and start streaming! Really no need for live TV, but it's still there as an option if you like that live movie channel feeling.

+ Get access to popular channels such as CNN, Fox, Discovery, Nick, TBS, HBO and more!

+Access  a variety of music channels and play them on your TV

+Watch your favorite sports with live channels such as ESPN, NFL/NBA Network, Bein Sports, Fox Sports, etc. Even watch some past games as well! 

+Into cartoons? find some of classic cartoons and even watch some of most popular ANIME series. Attack on titan, Trigun, One punch man and more!

+Adult Content: Access movies, scenes, live to recorded cams, more than thousands of clips to get lost in.

There are no monthly fees like a cable company! Just purchase the device itself, professional programmed with several programs from SMASHCABLE that would take days to learn and configure and just start saving money.

What do I need to make this work?

There really is only 3 things you need

1. TV with and HDMI port

2. High Speed Internet (Wi-fi) with at least 5 mbps

3. Our Video Starter Guide! 

Is there Live TV?

Yes, our Jailbroken devices are loaded with applications that will allow you watch popular channels such as HBO, CNN, FOX, DISCOVERY, NICK, DISNEY, ESPN, STARZ, etc. These are just a few of many that you have access to.

However, you don't even need live TV. The device is loaded with movies and TV shows you can stream at any time! On demand! 

Say, you wanted to watch season 2 of Game of Thrones, epsiode 3. You can simply open our installed application, select the title, season, and episode you want to stream!

Unlimited amounts of movies and TV shows?

Yeah, all that plus so much more. You can stream almost any title you can think of at anytime for FREE! This applies to old and new movies, along with TV shows with all their past seasons. You can binge watch all day long!

You just don't only have access to movies and TV shows. You can access music, kids content, sports, fitness, and even adult content.

Paying with Paypal?

Yes, we use Paypal as our merchant processor.

Paypal is one of the biggest, most recognized name for paying online. You will always feel safe and secure knowing that we use Paypal to process payments and you don't need a Paypal account to pay either. 

Once you checkout, you can actually just select pay without Paypal account. 

Also, Paypal offers a great deal that for any transaction over $99, you can use their line of credit and pay it later. (No interest if paid in full within 6 months!)


We actually offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

We are more than confident that you love our product because just one month of having this instead of cable will basically pay for itself!

A device costing less than $100, giving you this much entertainment value and content access. We aren't really sure why you would even want to return it.

However, our return process is quite easy. Open our refund page, enter your order information and return information will be sent to you! 

Easy process!

Customer Support? (video tutorials)

Yeah, we offer email and live chat support. If you can't reach us during live chat, please contact us via e-mail. 

We are more than willing to help you out and we have updated video tutorials each month to help keep you to date!

We also a dedicated customer's section that will up to date tutorials and video training on how to use the programs installed!

Why buy a Jailbroken firestick?

This device is simply amazing, especially if you buy it from us.

+ Access a large database of movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, cartoon, adult content for free without any monthly fees!

+Stream any movie and TV show anytime!

+SMASH CABLE, start putting money back in your pocket that would otherwise go to your cable company

+Dedicated customers section for up to date video tutorials and guides

+Use Paypal, one of safest ways to pay online. Spend over $99.00 and pay it back later!

+Email support, anytime

+Access to our SMASHCABLE application for future downloads

How to Track My Order?

Within 24 to 48 hours your item will ship and a email will be sent with your tracking number and location.

Just click on the tracking link and it'll take you to our tracking page with map updates and additional tracking information.

You can also track your order status through our website by clicking on 
Menu -> Track Order -> Enter your 4 digit order number and order email, then select track.

Please see guide here.

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