How to Use Cinema HD - Terrarium Replacement

Cinema HD Video Guide

This is a video guide will quickly show you how to use Cinema HD. This is probably the best third party program to replace Terrarium TV.

It has a large database of movies to tv shows and all the past seasons. This video will show you how to select a movie and it's streaming server, tv show section, etc.

Highly Recommended to get VPN with your Device

Before we get started, we highly recommend using a VPN service with your new device.

The VPN service basically acts like a barrier (security guard) that protects and keeps your information, ip address, data, streaming history private from spying eyes such as your ISP, government, and even hackers.

Whatever you do online is never logged or recorded because you become anonymous when connecting to a VPN service, which is highly recommended when using the programs.

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Important Note For All Cordcutters!

Even though your device allows you access to streams found online for free. We always recommend using a monthly premium service alongside your device as a supplement such as Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV and FuboTV. It's much cheaper overall than cable, offers premium quality content and allows your media company to provide awesome content.