Must Watch: Starter Guide!

Congratulations on Your New Jailbroken Firestick!

Welcome to the brave new world of cord cutting! Even though the programs here provide you with free content already found online, we still highly recommend having a premium monthly service such as Netflix, Hulu, or FuboTV for higher quality streams to supplement your device.

Please be sure to read through the section below to get started with your new jailbroken firestick device.

Highly Recommended to get VPN with your Device

Before we get started, we highly recommend using a VPN service with your new device.

The VPN service basically acts like a barrier (security guard) that protects and keeps your information, ip address, data, streaming history private from spying eyes such as your ISP, government, and even hackers.

Whatever you do online is never logged or recorded because you become anonymous when connecting to a VPN service, which is highly recommended when using the programs.

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Installing device to your TV

installing firestick

Look over the installation photo above carefully.

1. Locate the USB wire, plug one end into the AC adapter and the micro USB end into the firestick.

ac adapter, usb wire, jailbroken firestick

2. Locate the HDMI port(s) on the back of your TV. One of the the firestick will plug into the HDMI port


3. Plug the jailbroken firestick into the HDMI port.

plug firestick into tv

4. Change you TV input to the correct HDMI port you installed the firestick into.

change hdmi input on tv

5. Your TV should load up with an Amazon boot logo.

amazon boot logo

Logging into your device

Once you have you Jailbroken Fire TV stick plugged in and started. You'll first this the Amazon logo booting up. After this you'll see a dark black screen like the one below with two boxed options

1. Register - I already have an Amazon Account

2. Create An Account - I am new to Amazon.

Before we select anything, we want to hit the back button on your remote so that we can setup and connect to your Wifi network.

  • After you've connected to your network.
  • Select Register (use your Amazon account login information)

Once you have logged into your Account. You'll be at the Amazon home screen.


If you don't already have an Amazon account, you can create one easily by going to and creating a new account. 

  • On your PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone 
  • Open up your browser and type in
setting up jailbroken fire stick
  • Click on Sign here
setting up jailbroken fire stick
  • Fill out your information. 
  • Name
  • Email 
  • Password
  • Then select Create Your Amazon Account
  • Remember your information, you will need to use it when first turning on your Jailbroken Fire Stick.
setting up jailbroken fire stick

Accessing Your Jailbroken Programs

Video Tutorial


You can now access the Jailbroken Applications/Programs we installed by going to

  • Scroll to Settings
  • Go to Applications
  • Select Manage Installed Applications
  • Then you can select one of the programs in this list and select Launch

Or use Appstarter

  • Scroll to Settings
  • Go to Applications
  • Select Manage Installed Applications
  • Select APPSTATER
  • Select Launch Application
  • All Jailbroken firestick programs in one easy to see application.
how to access jailbroken fire stick programs
how to access jailbroken fire stick programs
launch appstarter on jailbroken firestick
click launch application for appstarter

List of Programs installed.

  • Kodi 17.6 - Has everything from movies, TV shows, live TV, sports, adult, fitness and more
  • Terrarium TV (Replaced with CINEMA HD- Recommended for Movies and TV shows
  • Titanium TV - Movies and TV Shows
  • BEETV - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • APPFLIX - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • NEWEST MOVIES - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • FreeFlix HQ - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • MEGABOX HD - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • Morpheus TV - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • ONEBOX HD - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • CotoMovies - Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • TeaTV- Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • Showbox- Extra program for Movies/TV shows
  • Mobdro - Recommended for Live TV
  • TVTAP FIrestick Pro - Extra program for Live TV
  • APTOIDE - Third party APPSTORE

Recommended Programs to Use First

The programs listed below are the first couple of programs you should try out first. They are a bit easier to use with a nice friendly interface. CINEMA HD, Cotomovies and Titanium TV are great for a large selection of movies and TV shows.

Mobdro will be great for all your live TV content.

  • CINEMA HD - Movies/TV Shows
  • CotoMovies - Movies/TV Shows
  • BEETV - Movies/TV Shows
  • Cyberflix TV - Movies/TV Shows
  • Titanium TV - Movies/TV Shows
  • Mobdro - Live TV

Next you can try out Kodi 17.6, which has it's own addons that ranged from movies, tv shows, live tv, sport streams, anime, kids cartoons to adult content. So try these next after you've tried the ones above.

  • Kodi 17.6 - Program with More Addons
  • TVTAP Firestick Pro - Live TV
  • Newest Movies - Movies/TV Shows
  • Phoenix TV- Movies/TV Shows
  • TVZION - Movies/TV Shows
  • Morpheus TV - Movies/TV Shows
  • AppFlix - Movies/TV Shows

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