Q9 Wireless Remote: Quick Guide

Q9 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse

Congratulations on purchasing your Q9 wireless remote or bundle package.

The device comes with some awesome features to help complement your TV streaming device. Below, we'll help you understand how to pair your device with your Android Box or Jailbroken Firestick, and other useful functions you may want to know.

Notable Features

  • Wireless QWERTY Keyboard
  • Touchpad Combo
  • Direct Bluetooth (No bluetooth dongle)
  • Rechargeable
  • Pair with any Bluetooth Enabled device.
  • Sleek squarish design.

Pairing Your Remote W/ Firestick

At your Amazon home screen, scroll over to Settings 

amazon jaibroken fire tv stick pairing q9 remote

Scroll until you see "Controllers & Bluetooth Devices"

Select "Other Bluetooth Devices"

Select "Add Bluetooth Devices"

On your Q9 bluetooth remote, press FN+RF on remote a the same time. A blue LED light will flash to enter bluetooth pairing mode

pairing the q9 remote

On your Amazon screen, select the Q9 Remote should appear. Select the device to pair.

q9 remote - pairing

q9 remote pairing finished with amazon firestick

The led light will now stay blue to indicate successful pairing. 

 Q9 Remote Usage Instructions


On/off touchpad: Press FN+Alt on the remote. Orange light indicator will flash indicating whether it was turn on or off.
The default setting is always on
The touchpad supports multi-finger functions.
Single finger clicks is a left mouse click
Two finger click is a right mouse click
Double fingers dragging will be a rolling screen function.

Adjust Cursor Speed

The default cursor speed is intermediate. There are 3 speeds you can choose from. 

To change a different cursor speed. Press FN on remote and drag your finger on the mousepad to the right. A light will blink orange indicating a successful setting change.