Jailbroken X96 Mini Android Box

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X96 Mini Android TV Box
(Jailbroken Firestick Alternative)

The X96 is a fully loaded android TV box with programs such as Kodi, Mobdro, Terrarium TV, showbox, and more that allows you access to tons of content for free. It'll only cost you this one time charge instead of a monthly bill from your cable company. It's an awesome deal and it literally pays for itself with all the content you have access to and the fact that you're not paying monthly for a service.

This Android TV Box is a great budget alternative to the Jailbroken Firestick!

x96 mini vs jailbroken fire tv stick alternative

What is a X96 Android TV Box?

X96 Android TV box is simply a device that is loaded with programs. These programs that we specifically install allow you access to entertainment content. What you are paying for is the product and installation service we provide to properly install these programs and the tutorials on how to use it. Thereafter, you can access content freely without a monthly bill.

What comes with the X96 Jailbroken Box?

The product comes with all the original accessories such as the Android TV box itself, remote, HDMI cable and wall charger

  • X96 Mini Android TV Box
  • Standard Remote
  • HDMI Cable
  • Charging Wall Adapter
  • Q9 Wireless Keyboard/Mouse tracker

Q9 Bluetooth Wireless Keypad/Mouse Tracker ($19.99 Value)

This bundle package will include a Q9 Bluetooth Wireless Keypad/Mouse with the Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV stick. This device not only works with the Fire Stick, it can work with many other devices such as an HTPC, computer, Xbox, tablet and android boxes. 

Having this bluetooth wireless keypad with your Fire stick will make it much easier to input letters and numbers rather than having to use directional keys on your standard candy-style remote.

This device does not need a USB dongle or receiver. This is a Bluetooth device that can easily be paired with your Bluetooth enabled device.

q9 wireless remote for jailbroken x96 mini


X96 Versus Jailbroken Firestick?

  • Cheaper alternative
  • Complete Android Base Operating System
  • Has an Ethernet Port (Faster connection)
  • 2 USB ports - Great for adding a USB mouse and keyboard. You can even add an USB storage stick
  • TF Card Reader
  • Easy to Use Interface!

Installed Programs on Unlocked X96 Mini Android Box

We install specific software onto your Android TV box with tons of third party addons and a complete Kodi 17.6 with build.

Save you time the hassle of trying to figure out what and how to install these programs. You'll spend weeks trying to figure it out, so just get one properly configured from us completely ready to go.

  • Kodi Krypton (Latest 17.6 Version) - Access to basically everything from movies, tv shows, live tv, sports, kids, fitness and more
  • Mobdro - Great for live TV channels such as ABC, CNN, Discovery, Syfy + more
  • UKAgain - Another alternative program for Live TV
  • Terrarium TV - Awesome for movies and TV shows ( large database)
  • Freeflix TV - Complement program for more movies and TV shows
  • Onebox HD - Additional program for movies and TV shows
  • Showbox - Another movie and TV show application, which is great easy one click access
  • APTOIDE - Third party app store to download more programs as needed!
  • APPStarter - A third party program that consolidates all of the third party programs into one menu. 
  • Additional 3+ more movie and TV show program!

Some screenshots of the programs installed

Mobdro (Live TV + More)

As you can see, you have a channel, news, shows, movies, sports, music, podcast and more section to check out!

Within channels, you have well over more than 100+ channels at your fingertips with popular channels such as HBO, Starz, Disney, Nick, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Hallmark, etc.

mobdro - jailbroken amazon fire tv stick

mobdro - live tv for android tv box

mobdro - more live tv channels

Terrarium TV (Movies and TV shows)

We'll only show you some screenshots of this particular program because this is our favorite. However, we also loaded a few more alternatives for you to check out too!

terrarium tv for jailbroken fire tv stick

tv shows terrarium tv

Freeflix TV

Another popular choice to use on the x96 Android box. You can choose between movies and TV shows. Large database and streaming servers

firestick with freeflix hq

freeflix hq for firestick second screen


Another movie/tv show application. Nice look application but it does require mouse toggle, which is included with your package.

showbox for firestick


Another amazing alternative to Terrarium TV, Freeflix HQ, Showbox, etc. 

firestick with teatv

teatv screenshot 2

Here are some additional Movie/TV show applications that are installed which pretty much gives you the same or more access. As you can see, this is already more than enough different ways to access free content.

  • Redbox TV
  • OneHD
  • Megabox
  • Morpheus TV

and of course we can't forget Kodi 17.6, which has it's own movie addons (5+)!

Kodi 17.6 (All in one program that contains tons of different addons)

Kodi is a program that itself contains tons of different addons, giving you access to movies, TV shows, live tv, kids, music, anime, fitness and much more!

kodi 17.6 for jailbroken fire stick

firestick kodi with kids section

firestick kodi with live tv

firestick kodi with sports

firestick with adult section 

Why buy from us (Smashcable)?

Good question. Here are some real good reason why you should!

  • Professional installed - with many third party programs all setup! Save time trying to figure it all yourself
  • Fast shipping - Get it within 5-7 business days. We ship it fast and with priority mail!
  • Customer Support - Contact us anytime via email and live chat system!
  • Video tutorials - We provide you up to date videos on using your device!
  • Paypal - We use the best and most popular payment merchant to process your orders. Know that you information is safe through our site's SSL protocols, along with Paypal secured checkout method!
  • 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed - We are confident you won't be returning the unit for the refund. Just doesn't make sense with how much value you get, but we offer it just in case!